Richmount Primary School  
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Primary 1 & 2 

Mrs Whitford 
Primary 1 & 2 
Mrs Black 
Classroom Assistant 
Learning Together and Having Fun  
Primary 1 
Be able to sort according to shape, colour and texture. 
Start to investigate number to 5. 
Match and share objects. 
Practise correct written formation of numbers. 
Start to look at the formation of letters – s/a/t/i/p/n/ck/e/h/r/m/d 
Writing own name using correct letter formation. 
Begin to learn initial sounds – s/a/t/i/p/n/ck/e/h/r/m/d 
Start to learn by sight, simple new high frequency words. 
Look at familiar rhymes and investigate rhyming families. 
Look for labels all around our room and discover why we use labels. 
Extend and develop our understanding of Nursery Rhymes. 
Primary 2 
Revise all number concepts within 10. Revise addition and number stories. 
Begin to extend knowledge to numbers within 20. 
Use data handling knowledge to complete activities. 
Revise all sounds covered last year and begin to write unfamiliar words based on sound knowledge and understanding. 
Start to recognise the need and use of a capital letter at the beginning of sentences. 
Begin to use full stops at the end of sentences. 
Continue to use correct letter formation in all written work. 
Write simple sentences based around familiar Nursery Rhymes. 
The following curriculum areas/topics are taught together. 
Activities are differentiated according to year group and within this, according to ability. 
P1 & P2 will not be completed the same activity! 
Belonging and co-operating –belonging to our class and co-operating with each other to create a happy class environment. 
I am special – the feeling of being special and unique 
RE - Bible Time booklet for September – these booklets are completed by every class in school and they cover the same topic. Each booklet is progressively more detailed and develops the topic a little further for each class. 
PE – Team games – working together. To develop friendships and relationships with other class members. 
Music – Seasonal songs to use in Assembly 
Add steady beats using instruments. 
Use instruments to add steady beats to nursery rhyme topic to develop the understanding of rhythm in poetry. 
Use a variety of craft materials to develop and create pieces of art for our class topic. 
Use ICT programm – FRESCO to produce pictures on the Interactive Whiteboard. These will be displayed in our class gallery 
Useful Websites for Primary 1 & 2 Children 
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