Richmount Primary School  
105 Moy Road - Portadown - BT62 1QP l Tel: 02838 357929 

Primary 3 & 4 

Miss Haslam 
Mrs Chambers 
Classroom Assistant 
Fiction: Investigating a range of texts with familiar settings. Focus on the different settings, the language of time and the plot. Link to own experiences. 
Poetry: Recite and discuss poems linked with World Around Us topics. 
Non-Fiction: Investigating key structural features of instruction texts. 
Children will experience a variety of writing tasks and will be encouraged to revise and edit their work so that it is the best they can produce. Presentation will focus upon correct letter formation and placing on the line, distinguished upper and lower case letters and correct spacing. 
Sentence & Word Level: Sentence structure & punctuation/ use of capitalisation / common nouns & proper nouns/ alphabetical order/ use of a & an/ plurals/ syllables & rhyming words. Phonics activities from the Jolly Phonics programme. 
Spelling: Spelling activities from the Complete Spelling Scheme. 
Reading: Guided reading groups, library books and class topic books. 
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding 
Getting to know me: I am and I can/ Sticks & Stones/ It’s ok to make mistakes. 
Take Care, Be Safe: Risks/ People, places & things/ Rules about medicines/ Growing means changing. 
Why Should I? If there were no rules/ Rules have reasons/ Classroom contract 
• Recognise, read and write numbers within 50 
• Know number after/ before/ between within 50 
• Identify missing numbers within 50 
• Order consecutive & non-consecutive numbers within 50 (increasing & decreasing) 
• Addition & subtraction within 50 
• Solving problems involving addition & subtraction within 50 
• Money within 50p 
• Use ordinal terms to tenth place 
• Revision of o’clock & half past 
• Introduce a quarter past- analogue & digital time 
• Calculate durations involving hour, half hour & quarter past start and finish times 
Shape & Space: 
• Recognise & name 3D shapes- cube/cuboid/sphere/cylinder/cone/pyramid 
• Recognise & name 2D shapes- square/rectangle/circle/triangle/pentagon/hexagon 
Handling Data: 
• Use of Tree and Venn diagrams to sort using 2 criteria 
• Collect information and record in a table 
Tables: Addition and subtraction of 1, 2 & 3 within 20. 
Mental Maths: (Competencies) 
• Count forwards in 1’s within 50, from different starting numbers 
• Count backwards in 1’s within 50, from different starting numbers 
• Count forwards in 2’s within 50, from different starting numbers (even then odd) 
• Count backwards in 2’s within 50, from different starting numbers ( even then odd) 
• Add 1,2 or 0 to any number within 50 
• Add a single digit to 10 
• Subtract 1, 2 or 0 from any number within 50 
World Around Us 
The Emergency Services: 
What is an emergency? Who can help? Making a 999 call. 
Exploring each service- Police Service, Fire and Rescue Service, Ambulance Service, RNLI & Mountain Rescue in terms of their uniform, equipment, vehicles, range of 
duties and history. Keeping ourselves safe. 
Educational Visits: PSNI, NIAS & RNLI to visit school. 
Class visit to Portadown Fire Station. 
Toys then and now: 
Modern toys- What are they made of? Different types of toys. Favourite toys. 
Baby toys- Where are they now? How are they different? Why? 
Investigate parents and grandparents favourite toys- How are they different and 
how are they the same? Teddy Bear history. 
Toys around the world with Barnaby Bear. 
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