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Our class welcome display. Pupils used 'Think, Pair, Share' to ask questions and write a profile for their partner. Each pupil had to draw themselves wearing their school uniform. 

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P4/5 are studying all about World War 2 with Mrs Kimber 
On Friday 31st March, we had a World War 2 day. We all dressed up as evacuees and soldiers…everyone looked fantastic! We did lots of fun activities, including making wartime buns (without eggs, butter and very little sugar) and compared them to present day buns. Most of us agreed that present day buns are much tastier with more sugar and the tasty decorations on top. Mason brought in a pigeon to show us how people might have sent messages by carrier pigeon during the war and we were all amazed to see it fly off, back to his house. We had a super day learning about life in war time. 

Transport Museum at Cultra 

In P4/5 we are starting a new topic of ‘Transport Through Time’ so we made a visit to the Transport Museum at Cultra to see all types of transport from the past. We visited the Railway, Titanic, Cars and Roads sections of the museum and got to sit inside some pretty old models from years gone by. It was a lovely day so we got to eat our packed lunch outside and then spent time in the Museum Shop. All the pupils were complimented by the museum staff on their excellent behaviour and manners. 
Launch Day! 
In P4/5 we tested out our parachutes to see how well they helped an egg fall slowly to the ground. Mr Clyde climbed a tall ladder and each parachute was dropped from the same height to make it fair. We had a ‘smashing’ time in some cases when some of the eggs hit the ground and cracked open!! Well done to the winning team of Millie, Max and Djan-their design ensured the egg was the best protected. 

'The Real Me' 

In PDMU with Mr Clyde we have been looking at a unit called ‘The Real Me’ exploring names and identity, the influence of those closest to us, self-esteem and confidence and plans we have for the future. Each pupil had to choose someone important to them and complete a booklet about both themselves and their chosen person. The P6/7 pupils were partnered with a P4/5 pupil to help them complete their booklet and interview the P4/5 pupil to find out more about them. The pupils enjoyed working together in class. 

In P3/4 this term we are learning: 

World Around Us 
Transport – through time, history of the bicycle, pneumatic tyre, types of transport, emergency services, transport around the world, road safety 
World War 2 – The start of the war (reason and effect of), the Blitz, evacuation, rationing, propaganda, roles in the war (men, women, children), WWII in Northern Ireland, famous leaders, weapons, V.E. Day 
Educational Visit – Ulster Folk and Transport Museum, Cultra in March 
- WWII day (dress up and WWII activities all day) in March 
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding 
Who influences me: advertising, opportunities for risk taking, right and wrong situations, bullying 
Circle Time: Class discussions about thoughts and feelings using ‘emotions puppets’ in a way that respects other members of the class. 
Spellings – Red group will be set 8-10 spellings and Black group, 4-6 spellings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. They will be tested the next day in class. 
Friday Test – Each Friday all of the week’s spellings will be tested in class along with mental maths/tables from the week. 
Tables/Number Facts – Learn throughout the week in preparation for Friday test. 
Literacy Homework – A literacy homework will be set each Tuesday night. (All written homeworks must be signed) 
Numeracy Homework – A Numeracy homework will be set each Monday and Wednesday night. . (All written homeworks must be signed) 
Reading – Please discuss your child’s reading with him/her and sign their reading record book. 
Homework passes will be given out when a pupil 
achieves a full row of stars on their individual star 
chart. The homework pass must be stuck in the book 
to replace where the homework should have been. 
Spelling Activities – completed in the morning from Monday- Thursday. Any incomplete spelling activities will be sent home to be completed as homework on Thursday evening for Friday morning. 
Other Important Information 
Spelling Activities – completed in the morning from Monday- Thursday. Any incomplete spelling activities will be sent home to be completed as homework on Thursday evening for Friday morning. 
P5 swimming- P5 will be swimming every Tuesday of this term. Please ensure that they have appropriate swimming attire, towel, goggles (optional) and swimming cap for girls. 
Newspapers- Headlines, facts and opinions, layout of a newspaper article, looking at examples and topics of newspaper reports. 
Letter Writing –Letter layout, writing letters appropriate to WWII situations and settings, using correct text, punctuation and grammar. 
Diary Entries – Layout of a diary entry, write diary entries for soldiers and evacuees during WWII, use of past tense 
Historical stories – Novel study on Goodnight Mr Tom, comprehension work, understanding the importance of setting of time and place, story writing ensuring plot and characters are appropriate to the era. 
Reading and Writing-P4&5 will continue to read and discuss their reading within their guided reading groups three times a week. Children are to take the time between guided reading sessions to consolidate reading already set. 
Comprehension texts will also cover a range of genre. Children will experience a variety of writing tasks and will be encouraged to revise and edit their work so that it is the best they can produce. 
Spelling – Spelling activities from the Complete Spelling Scheme and Jolly Phonics. 
• Multiplication x2,3,4,5,10 
• Multiples of 2,3,4,5,10 
• Using brackets within multiplication 
• Fractions 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5, 1/10 
P4: Right, straight, full turns and comparing angle sizes 
P5: Acute, Right, Obtuse, Straight, Reflex, Full Turn and comparing and measuring angle sizes 
Length: P4: measuring cm/m and conversion 
P5: measuring mm/cm/m and conversion 
Perimeter and Area : P4: Perimeter of simple shapes with simple measures 
Finding the area by counting squares 
P5: Perimeter of simple shapes 
Finding the area by multiplying sides 
Weight: weighting objects in appropriate units of measure, reading scales, recording 
weights of objects, conversion of g/km 
Tables- P4: times tables P5: all times tables up to 12 and division 
PE- This will be on a Monday and Thursday. 
Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled and encourage your child to take responsibility for bringing their own kits on the correct day. It is recommended that your child brings a bottle of water on these days too. If a pupil forgets their kit they will sit at the back of another class and complete work while PE takes place. 

P4/5 become scientists for the day! 

As part of our ‘Flight’ topic, P4/5 has been learning about Air Pressure and how it affects flight. We watched Mr Clyde carry out an experiment to demonstrate air pressure in class. We poured a little cold water into the bottom of an empty drink can and heated it gently over a gas stove until steam came out of the top. When the water in the bottom of the can was boiling, Mr Clyde immediately plunged the can upside down into a basin of cold water. We saw that the can was immediately crushed without it being squeezed. This is because heating the water fills the can with steam which condenses in the cold water. This creates a low pressure inside the can and because the pressure of the water around it is higher, it forces the can inwards and crushes it. We had to be very safe and sensible while watching the experiment as the can became very hot! 
Mr Clyde and Mrs Wilson helped P4/5 to plant bean seeds in class as we are learning about ‘Flight’ in plants and all about the conditions necessary for plant growth. We will watch them grow and record what changes we see and how tall they are growing on our data sheets. We also planted bean seeds in glass jars so we can see what is happening below the soil in each pot. 
In P4 /5 we have been working hard with our numbers. P4 are working with numbers up to 999 and P5 up to 9999. We have used classroom equipment to help us understand number. This is our classroom display on Place Value. 
Mr Clyde’s WAU topic for term 1 is Flight. During the month of September we looked at Flight in Nature, specifically birds, and how they are shaped to fly and why and how they migrate, including the dangers they face. In groups we used ‘Think, Pair, Share’ to discuss similarities and differences in some birds of prey. We recorded our observations on a data sheet and discussed what we discovered. In October we will be looking at Flight in the Plant world and methods of seed dispersal. Each pupil will be growing their own bean seed to discover what plants need and how to look after them. 
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