Richmount Primary School  
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Primary 4 & 5 

Mr Clyde  
Mrs Kimber  
Mrs Wilson 
Classroom Asst 
Our P4/5 Class Welcome Board. Each pupil drew a caricature of themselves and wrote a personal profile. 
The children loved drawing Mr Clyde, Mrs Kimber and Mrs Wilson for our Welcome Board! They were urged to be kind to us!! 

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In P4/5 this term we are learning: 

Place Value to 999 (P4) and 9999 (P5) 
Investigating with HTU and ThHTU 
Addition and subtraction of numbers to 999 (P4) and 9999 (P5) 
Rounding to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 
Recording numbers in both words and digits up to 999 (P4) and 9999 (P5) 
X2-X12 tables (P5) 
Division (P5) 
Function machines 
Problem-solving using Heinemann Active Maths 
Read and interpret tally charts, bar graphs, pictograms, venn diagrams and carroll diagrams 
Recognise fractions of shapes and numbers, finding a fraction of an amount 
2D and 3D shapes-investigate properties, faces, edges, vertices, tessellations, symmetry and nets 
Chloe working hard on her hundreds, tens and units. 
Our Goals-in PDMU we discussed what a goal is 
and set 2 goals for the year ahead 
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding 
The Real Me-identity, influence of others, self-esteem and confidence 
Growing Means Changing-exploring work done by parts of our bodies, fitness and health, how good things can be harmful in excess, facing up to increased responsibilities 
James F standing beside the VERY tall maize stems he brought into class for our display. 
As part of our Farming/Food topic Mr Clyde helped the pupils plant carrots, spring onions and radishes which we will watch grow over the next weeks and months. 
Mrs Wilson helped the pupils plant cress seeds in class. We will leave them on a sunny window-sill to germinate. 
We love playing Unihock 
in PE! 
PE- This will be on a Monday and Thursday. 
Please ensure that all clothing is clearly labelled and encourage your child to take responsibility for bringing their own kits on the correct day. It is recommended that your child brings a bottle of water on these days too. If a pupil forgets their kit they will sit at the back of another class and complete work while PE takes place. 
Grammar-nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, capital letters, full stops, question marks, commas, exclamation marks, prepositions, conjunctions, apostrophes 
Explanation texts, instructional writing, recounts, poetry 
Novel Study-Charlotte’s Web (linked to farming) character study, plot, predicting text, letter writing, diary entry 
Children will explore a range of both fiction and non-fiction comprehension texts linked to our class topics 
Kaitlyn working in literacy on ‘Autumn on the Farm.’ 
Max and Alana working hard in class. 
Mrs Wilson working with a group in literacy. 
Mr Clyde reading with a group of P4 pupils 


Clay hedgehogs, woollen hedgehogs, 3D leaves, Eatwell plate, wooden spoon scarecrows, apple printing, design and build tractor to test for speed and friction, farm scenes, design own farm packaging. 
Nasi creating her ‘Eatwell Plate’  
Spellings – Red group will be set 8-10 spellings and Black group, 4-6 spellings on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. They will be tested the next day in class. 
Friday Test – Each Friday all of the week’s spellings will be tested in class along with mental maths/tables from the week. 
Tables/Number Facts – Learn throughout the week in preparation for Friday test. 
Literacy Homework – A literacy homework will be set each Tuesday night. (All written homeworks must be signed) 
Numeracy Homework – A Numeracy homework will be set each Monday and Wednesday night. . (All written homeworks must be signed) 
Reading – Please discuss your child’s reading with him/her and sign their reading record book. 
Homework passes will be given out when a pupil 
achieves a full row of stars on their individual star 
chart. The homework pass must be stuck in the book 
to replace where the homework should have been. 
Spelling Activities – completed in the morning from Monday- Thursday. Any incomplete spelling activities will be sent home to be completed as homework on Thursday evening for Friday morning. 
Other Important Information 
Spelling Activities – completed in the morning from Monday- Thursday. Any incomplete spelling activities will be sent home to be completed as homework on Thursday evening for Friday morning. 
Our ‘Down on the Farm’ board is under construction! We still need to add lots of animals and machinery! 
Our class topic until January is ‘Farm to Fork’ 
Farming-what is a farm, farm types, the farmer-clothing, skills, jobs, tractor investigation, tractor challenge (science linked to forces), legacy of Harry Ferguson, a day in the life of a dairy/beef/apple farmer, from field to table, packaging, keeping farm produce fresh, dairy products, farm shops and merchandising, farm safety 
Food-favourite foods, healthy eating, seasonal foods, foods from around the world, harvest, bread, making food, food production and exportation, celebration foods and Christmas 
Educational visit-open farm, Tesco 
Class visitors-apple farmer, organic milk producer/dairy farmer, local farmer, Asda 
The boys in P4/5 are very keen to bring in lots of machinery for our farm display! 
Bundles of wheat, oats and barley at our nature table. 
Sarah-Jayne planning her farm design. 
Thomas and Harry reading about ‘Jobs on a Farm’…and dreaming of one day owning their own farm! 
We wrote Autumn Poems in class after going on an Autumn walk. We thought about what we could see, hear, touch and smell. After editing we word-processed our poems. 
Our class have been busy bringing in lots of items for our class Autumn/Nature table. 
We wrote a whole-class poem about Autumn after exploring our ideas together. 
Percy the Pheasant keeps an eye that all the children in P4/5 are working hard!! 
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