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About Richmount Primary School 

Our School Logo 
The rays of sunshine are rays of learning rising above the mount of knowledge. (Each ray represents the individual strands of the curriculum.) This logo was the winning design produced by a pupil at the school as part of a competition. 
School Motto 
"Building on the past, learning for the present, preparing for the future" 
It is the policy of the Board of Governors that the pupils of Richmount Primary School shall receive a broad and balanced curriculum which aims to: 
a) Promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, intellectual and physical developments of all the pupils. 
b) Prepare pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life. 
The Pastoral Care dimension of the school deals with the physical and emotional needs of each individual child. The caring role of the teachers in the school is evident in all aspects of the child's school life. A very pleasant family atmosphere exists in the school. The excellent relationships that exist in school help provide an environment in which the pupils feel happy and safe. Within such an environment effective learning takes place and each child is able to realise its full potential. The school places great importance on involving the parents in the education of their children and keeping them informed as fully as possible about the progress being made by their children. The teacher/parent interview programme provides an opportunity where a child's strengths and weaknesses can be discussed and when problems arising either at home or in school can be addressed. Parents, pupils and staff all contribute significantly to the spirit of co-operation evident throughout the school. It is the co-operation and teamwork which gives Richmount its distinctive character and special atmosphere. 
Children Learn What They Live 
If a child lives with criticism it learns to condemn. 
If a child lives with hostility it learns to fight. 
If a child lives with ridicule it learns to be shy. 
If a child lives with shame it learns to feel guilty. 
If a child lives with tolerance it learns to be patient. 
If a child lives with encouragement it learns confidence. 
If a child lives with praise it learns to appreciate. 
If a child lives with fairness it learns justice. 
If a child lives with security it learns to have faith. 
If a child lives with acceptance and friendship it learns to find love in the world. 
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Our Board of Governors 
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