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Primary 6 & 7 
Mr Clyde 
Principal Release P6&7 
Mr Hall 
Principal & P6/7 Teacher 
Mrs Capper 
Classroom Assistant 
Personal Development and Mutual Understanding 
Personal Targets for 2017-18 – Revisit targets for the year. 
Protecting Yourself From Danger - As part of our PDMU (Personal Development and Mutual Understanding) programme we are starting a programme of work which will educate the children about risks and how to protect themselves from danger which has a significant impact on their health and well-being. 
We will be looking specifically at the areas of smoking, alcohol, drug awareness – including legal, illegal drugs and solvents and will also look at how to deal with peer pressure. 
There will be five workshops taken by Jeannie Graham who is from ‘Portadown Temperance Council’ and the materials used are provided by ‘Hope North West’. 
BEE Safe Campaign 2018 (Organised by the Policing and Community Safety Partnership) – P7 pupils will be taking part in a series of workshops at Brownstown Community Centre on Monday 12th March. Pupils will be shown a number of safety-orientated scenarios. As a result, they will gain knowledge on how to cope with hazards and how to avoid them with a hands on approach. 
The Fire and Rescue Service, PSNI, Translink 
and ABC Council will be making presentations. 
What P6 & 7 Are Learning This Term 
• Making a mini water treatment plant 
• Building and testing a model submarine 
• Designing new crisp bags for Tayto 
• Interactive organ website 
• Research internet for areas under study 
 Products produced in N. Ireland 
 Tayto 
 Water 
• Produce a healthy eating leaflet 
Spellings – 8 to 10 spellings will be set on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday each week. They will be tested the next day in class. 
Friday Test – Each Friday all of the week’s spellings will be tested in class. 
Tables/Number Facts – Learn throughout the week in preparation for Friday test. 
Literacy Homework – A literacy homework will be set each Monday and Wednesday night. (All written homeworks must be signed for points to be awarded) 
Numeracy Homework – A Numeracy homework will be set each Tuesday and Thursday night. . (All written homeworks must be signed for points to be awarded) 
Reading – Please discuss your child’s reading with him/her and sign their homework diary. 
Homework vouchers 
will be given out when 
pupils have reached 
200 points! 
Number – 
• Order consecutive numbers (increasing and decreasing) 
• Relate two and three decimal place numbers to hundredths and thousandths 
• Add/subtract/multiply/divide numbers up to three decimal places 
• Find % of quantities and increase and decrease amounts by given % 
• Simple algebra 
• Calculate in the context of money 
• Understand advantages/disadvantages of borrowing money – interest rates 
Measures- Length, perimeter, area, scale, weight, capacity, volume. Converting units, use of practical equipment. Problem solving. 
Tables- Multiply & Divide by 2-12 using brackets e.g. (3x7)+(4x9)= 
Number Facts (Competencies) 
• Mentally find what must be added to a fraction to get a whole number 
• Mentally add/subtract decimals to 1 decimal place 
• Multiply 2 or 3 digit numbers by a 2 digit number e.g. 36x26 
• Dividing/multiplying by 10, 100, 1000 mentally 
• Converting ml to L, g to kg, cm to m etc 
Mental Maths - IZAK9 tasks 
Data Handling 
Surveys, tallying, traffic surveys, bar graphs, line graphs pie charts (P7), mean, mode, median, range, probability 
Tables- Multiply & Divide by 2-12 
Number Facts (Competencies) 
Revise place value of any whole number up to at least 5 digits (P7- six digits) 
Count, read, write and order whole numbers to 900’000 (P7- One million) 
Count, read, write, order and work with decimals two 2 decimal places (P7- three decimal places) 
Multiply and divide whole numbers and decimals by 10, 100, 1000 
Develop quick recall of multiplication and division facts up to 12x12 
•Round, estimate and approximate numbers 
Revise percentages. Find 25%, 50%, 75% (P7- 20%, 30%, up to 90% by finding 10% and multiplying appropriately 
Consolidate the relationship between fractions, decimals and percentages 
Reading and Writing-P7 will read and discuss their reading within their guided reading groups. 
This term they will cover a range of texts which will include – poetry, newspaper reports, debates, brochures. 
Comprehension texts will also cover a range of genre. Children will experience a variety of writing tasks and will be encouraged to revise and edit their work so that it is the best they can produce. 
Grammar - Revise active verbs, conjunctions, connectives, figurative language – similes, metaphors and personification. 
Debates – two sides of an argument. Persuasive language. 
Spelling – Spelling activities from the Complete Spelling Scheme. 
World Around Us  
World Around Us 
Tayto – P7 will carry out a study about Tayto Crisp Factory in Tandragee.  
This will involve the following: 
 History of the Tayto brand/factory 
 History of Tandragee Castle 
 History of the Duke of Manchester 
 Analyse the salt and sugar content of crisp brands 
 Crisps in the context of a healthy, balanced diet. 
Educational Visit – Tayto Factory Tandragee on Monday 5th March. 

Bee Safe 

P7 travelled to Brownstown Community Centre on Monday 12th March to attend the Bee Safe programme. Bee Safe is an imaginative way of teaching Primary 7 pupils how to prevent everyday accidents and dangerous situations and how to deal with them safely and effectively should they occur. 
Children moved around a number of accident themed scenarios in small groups during the morning sessions. 
The initiative was delivered by agencies including the PSNI, Northern Ireland Electricity, Armagh City, Banbridge & Craigavon Borough Council, NI Fire and Rescue Service and NIE. 

P7 visited Tayto Castle on Monday 5th March 2018 as part of their WAU/Connected Learning topic. Our guide, Jill, wash great fun and very informative. The pupils saw the whole process of crisp making from the arrival of the potatoes into the warehouse to the dispatch of the pallets of crisps ready to go to the stores. The pupils were especially pleased with all of the free crisps they received. A special appearance was made by Mr. Tayto who kindly posed for photographs. 

Andy White Tesco Craigavon’s Community Champion visited the P7 classroom on Monday 19th February. Andy gave a very interesting talk on healthy eating and focused on the calories contained in many of the popular foods eaten by the class. Andy also looked at the salt and sugar content of foods consumed as part of the three main meals of the day. 
Navan Centre 
Mr Clyde and Mrs Courtney accompanied the P7 class to the Navan Centre in Armagh last Thursday to learn more about their World Around Us topic of The Vikings. Pupils got the opportunity to find out about Viking weaponry and Viking homes, dress up as monks and write using quill and ink and investigate Viking jewellery. The pupils really enjoyed themselves and thought the actors were even scarier than Mr Clyde! 
Useful Websites for Primary 7 Children 
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